MakeTime Manufacturing


Kasey Hall / May 19, 2015

The manufacturing industry teeters on the precipice of major change. Advances in manufacturing automation, mobility and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication are next obvious steps in achieving greater manufacturing efficiency, output and sustainability. So why are we still invoicing with paper and pencil? We do everything else on the internet and through the cloud, why should manufacturing transactions be any different?

The simple answer is: They shouldn’t. MakeTime, the only truly scalable online CNC machining path for manufacturers and suppliers, is making digital, distributed manufacturing transactions a simple reality. Here are three reasons why you should be on board.

Cost Reduction

Reduced time always translates to reduced costs. A web-enabled distributed manufacturing model means shorter lead times across your supply chain, which also mitigates risk. For new products, this means it takes less time to go from idea to prototype and prototype to production runs. For existing supply chains, it reduces effort to production and production to market. Additionally, “virtual capacity” allows for the elimination of overhead costs, the reduction of sourcing costs to an insignificant function of labor and the end of significant of warehousing costs thanks to a JIT (just-in-time) production model.


Imagine a virtual factory at your fingertips. When you need to produce more than your machine capacity or capabilities allow, or when you need to scale production of a new product, you can simply put the work on someone else’s CNC machine via the cloud to meet demand. This type of on-demand scalability means an unprecedented opportunity and flexibility. You can increase revenue without increasing Capex, while simultaneously reacting to consumer demand in real-time.


Being able to trust who you’re working with, while also knowing what is happening and when is critical to supply chain success. Moreover, consumers now demand information regarding where and how their products are made, which makes U.S.A.-made products more attractive than ever. A vetted, distributed and domestic supplier network allows you and your customers to feel confident about your products, and digital, online transactions allow you to keep an easy record of all your orders every step of the way.

Find out more about how MakeTime is changing the way businesses negotiate and transact to produce goods across America by building a more cost-efficient, secure, transparent, flexible and scalable supply chain.