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The Purchasing Tools You Need
to Make Confident Sourcing Decisions

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The Easiest Path to Production

We provide you with powerful Purchasing Intelligence tools designed to make everything about your job easier.

Pricing Intelligence

Pricing Intelligence

We compare your parts to similar parts in the network to create a real-time budgetary price range. You can get an instant idea of what your part might cost moving forward.

Data Driven Matchmaking

Data-Driven Matchmaking

We match your parts to the shop best suited to run them using big data and machine learning. Need special certifications? No problem.

Advanced Machine Learning

Advanced Machine Learning

We process over 4 billion data points per week using advanced machine learning techniques, so our tools get smarter and more accurate with every part uploaded.

Collab Integration

Organize, Collaborate and Integrate Parts

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Customizable parts library

Collect and organize every part file in one online location with unlimited storage.

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Secure team access

Keep your team on the same page. Access is easy, secure and intuitive.

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CAD integrations

Upload parts through Autodesk Fusion 360 and sync your existing portolio with Autodesk 360 cloud storage.


100% Guaranteed

We insure every order for quality so you always get what you need at
no extra cost to you.


One Point of Contact

We are your one point of contact and payment on a network of over 1,200 suppliers.


Logistics Scheduling

We take care of all materials handling and logistics scheduling.

Follow your production and quality checks online.

Quality Check-Ins

Machining starts after first article inspections (FAI), and you sign off on quality at delivery.

Real-Time Status Updates

See real-time updates, including when production starts and finishes.

Door-To-Door Logistics Tracking

UPS tracking comes standard with every order, so you always know where your parts are.

MakeTime's expansive network provides a broad range of capabilities.

Build Relationships

An automated service, powered by real relationships.

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Live Chat

Engage with one of our Lexington, KY-based support staff right on the website.

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Dedicated Production Manager

Every order is assigned a MakeTime production manager available to answer all of your questions.

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Flexible Production Planning

Need to schedule runs for the next year? Want to talk prototyping into bridge production? We tailor our services to meet your needs.